Care & Maintenance Glass

All Segals’ glass is safety glass. For general cleaning, simply wipe the table top glass with a damp cloth to clean. Do not use harsh abrasives.

The glass is a tempered glass. Although it is tougher than normal glass, IT IS NOT UNBREAKABLE and should be treated with the same care as normal glass. Do not place hot or cold items directly on to the glass, sit or allow children to play on glass, scratch or drop objects on the glass. Careless handling can produce damage which may not be immediately visible but can cause glass to shatter later if subjected to thermal or mechanical stress.

A small range of our settings, sofa sets and modular’s have a clear glass that sits directly over wicker. Glass can magnify the suns UV rays and cause damage to wicker in direct contact. If glass is in direct contact with wicker, then ensure there is no direct sun/UV rays. Alternatively, remove the glass when not in use, tint the glass or cover glass (example tablecloth) when not in use.

Limited 1 year warranty unless otherwise stated. Warranty excludes fading, scratching, water staining and damage caused by glass magnification or breakage caused by external factors. For any glass warranty to be assessed, we require a picture of the broken glass prior to clean up.


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