Care & Maintenance Cushions

All Segals cushions are manufactured using superior quality solution-dyed polyester and olefin fabrics. Cushions should be removed and stored away in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight/UV when not in use. Cushions can be rotated and flipped to ensure even use.

As cushions are quality polyester, in most instances they will simply require a quick wipe to remove any stains or marks. If food or drink is dropped on cushions, please wipe quickly to avoid staining. Cushions can also be vacuumed to remove any dust or for a quick refresh.

Spot clean fabric using mild soapy water. If a more thorough clean is required then we recommend hand washing the complete cushion. Using a mild soapy solution, wash the complete cushion (we suggest a large tub in the backyard) and then hose out soap solution and lay flat to dry. Ensure the cushions are fully dry before placing back on the furniture.
DO NOT MACHINE WASH COVERS OR REMOVE FROM CUSHIONS FOR CLEANING. This may cause damage to covers/zips not covered by warranty.

Each insert has been wrapped in a light paper-like product. This was used to help shape the cushion during production. This will naturally disintegrate over time as it is no longer needed.

Limited 1 year unless otherwise stated. Warranty excludes cover fading/sun/UV damage to covers, stains, mildew, stretching of fabric and flattening of any cushion filling.


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