Spare Parts

Segals stock a small range of spare parts that are available towards March to assist in the accidental breakage or loss, or for items out of warranty. All parts are very specific to Segals brand furniture and will not fit other brand items.

We have listed below the spare parts we may have available to purchase come March. We also have listed some helpful advice on where other parts may be sourced from if not available from Segals. We invite customers to join our Spare Parts waitlist, you will be contacted after we do a stocktake (approx. March 2024) if we have your spare part available or not.

For information regarding replacement cushions CLICK HERE

General Spare Parts that may be available to purchase

Table Parts that may be located in stock take include rods, legs, brackets
Granite Panels for Hamilton Tables
Teak arms for chairs
Timber Furniture Parts

Marble Inserts for Timber Tables

A small selection will be available from the Osborne Park store. Please call 9204 5088 for further information

Spare Parts not available

Umbrellas Spare Parts

Segals do not stock umbrella parts for sale. General umbrella parts are available at Bunnings and online stores such as EBAY. Many parts such as bolts/ nuts and caps are not specific to umbrellas and can be purchased from a hardware store.

Umbrella and DayBed  Canopies
Unfortunately don’t sell the covers only for umbrellas. As a direct importer we find it to be more cost effective to import a complete umbrella, rather than just the cover. We are unaware of any other companies that sell the covers only.

Foot and Chair Plugs and Caps
Many hardware stores stock a large variety of caps and plugs that fit in the chair cavities, as well as over. Rubber/ felt sliders/stoppers can also be placed over the current fittings.

Individual bolts that have been lost or misplaced
Google ”fastener supplier” for a local store close to you. A fastening store sells nuts and bolts of all different shapes, sizes and threads. They will be able to match individual nuts and bolts for purchase.

Clips for modular’s
Cable ties can be used are a great alternative if you have misplaced the clips supplied.

Gas Struts
Gas struts can be replaced or re-gased at any strut specialist store. Please google strut specialist for your nearest local store. Please take your current strut to measure against for size.

Glass for Tables

Segals doesn’t sell replacement glass.  We can provide a recommendation for the below glazier to have suitable glass cut to size for you to purchase directly from them.  Please advise the glazier you have a Segals outdoor table and provide the measurements for further assistance. Please note they are unable to fit the glass.

Glass Surface Coatings Ph: 9493 0200


Lazy susan Runners

A small amount of olive oil can be added to any that have seized

Chair Slings / Sun lounge slings

Whilst we have no spare slings, we do have an small archive of discontinued chairs. Please send a picture and we may be able to locate a new individual chair.


Replacement Wicker

We are unable to provide replacement wicker or repairs.


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