Care & Maintenance Resin Wicker

Apart from being one of the most popular styles in outdoor furnishings, wicker is very low maintenance.  For a quick clean, simply remove cushions and hose all items down or simply wipe down the furniture with a damp cloth as needed.  If required, a warm mild soapy solution and hand brush (from a dustpan and broom) can be used for a more thorough clean.

Whilst the resin wicker is UV stabilised, it is not designed for full exposure to sunlight at all times. Do not leave resin wicker in direct sunlight or direct UV, this can include along the edges or open sided patios or shade sails/blinds with no UV protection. We stock a large range of furniture covers to ensure the longevity of your furniture. We recommend these be used when the furniture is not in use.

Please ensure that if you see (breakage) or feel (brittle) deterioration of the wicker, that you take action to remove from direct exposure immediately. Failure to do so will cause further damage and may affect your rights under the warranty.

A small range of our settings, sofa sets and modular’s have a clear glass that sits directly over wicker on coffee and side tables. Glass can magnify the suns UV rays and cause damage to wicker in direct contact. If glass is in direct contact with wicker, then ensure there is no direct suns/UV rays. Alternatively remove the glass when not in use, tint the glass or cover glass (example table cloth) when not in use.

Limited 1 or 3 year warranty depending on style. Warranty excludes fading, scratching, sun/UV damage or glass magnification damage to wicker.


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