Care & Maintenance Umbrellas

Segals umbrellas are designed as a stylish addition to your garden to shade you from our harsh sun. They are not wind rated and are not designed to be left up when not in use. All umbrellas must be properly secured at all times with a suitable umbrella base or umbrella tiles (x4), both available separately from Segals.

The shades are made from either Olefin or Polyester fabrics in a large range of colours. To clean umbrella canopies, lightly brush the open umbrella with a mixture of mild detergent and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and leave the umbrella open until completely dry. Frames can be wiped down with a damp cloth as needed. When not in use, close the umbrella and use an umbrella cover. Before storing or closing, make sure the umbrella is dry to avoid mould.

Bolts can become loose with general movement of the umbrella. These may require retightening or reinsertion. Continued retightening may require the application of LOCKTIGHT to assist.

Umbrellas are not suitable for commercial use and have no warranty when used for commercial conditions.

Umbrellas are not wind rated or designed for windy conditions. They are intended to be up/open for shade when in use by persons only, not left for periods of time unattended up/open. All umbrellas must be properly secured at all times recommended umbrella base or tiles (x4).

Umbrellas are not designed to be bolted/mounted in a fixed position (bolted to the ground). There is still a degree of movement allowed with the use of the tiles. When firmly secured to the ground, this movement is inhibited. This causes undue stress on the frame of the umbrella that can result in damage to joints/ribs, and bolts become loose.

Limited 1 year warranty unless otherwise stated.  Warranty strictly excludes damage determined to be wind damage, damage caused by umbrella falling over, failure to secure, fading/sun/UV damage to covers, stains or mildew.  Failure to use prescribed tiles to weigh umbrella down will result in voiding of warranty.


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